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Community Events

February Birthday Festivities - Copper Bottom
3-2-18 6:00 pm - Catherine's
Southern OC Singles

FEBRUARY BIRTHDAY FESTIVITIES Did a lot of wheeling and dealing to get this reservation and could only secure 15 seats for this BF (sorry)! The owner tried very hard to accommodate us so please, please, please...

Boardgames & Beer
3-2-18 6:00 pm - Catherine's
Nerd Herd

Join us for board games and beer (or soda) at Kelly-Jeans in Goshen every Monday night. Games will be provided, but feel free to bring anything you want to play. They have a full menu and lots of great beers to choose from. Come hungry and ready...

Come and sing with us! Help grow our chorus!
3-2-18 6:00 pm - Catherine's
"Song of the Valley" a ladies acappella chorus

• What we'll do • What to bring • Important to know

Catherine’s Take Two- Social Butterflies
3-2-18 6:00 pm - Catherine's
Goshen Eating, Drinking, Talking, Laughing, Etc Meetup

• What we'll doThis will be our next meeting, downstairs- barring bad roads! Please rsvp in order to reserve a table. If you can’t make it, please unreserve, or let me know. • What to bring • Important to knowCash for food and drink, and...